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The Lace8 User Manual

With the addition of Lace8 to IlSofts line of innovative design software the many new features introduced are explained and put to use in this educational book written by lace enthusiasts to give you a users perspective on Lace8 and how to put the new tools into action.

Ruth Budge has worked with the programmer at ILSoft for many years now, testing the various lace programmes and giving feedback from a lacemaker’s viewpoint.

It was this contact which inspired her to write her previous books – “Click and Drag….Snap to Grid” (about Lace 2000), “Don’t Panic! Have Fun with Lace R-XP” and now to help you master Lace8, there’s “Lace8 Explained”.

Ruth is an experienced lacemaker and lace teacher, as well as being what she describes as “pretty handy” on a computer. As usual, Ruth has explained all the functions of the new programme in straight-forward language, avoiding “computer-speak” as much as possible and in terms relevant to lacemakers. The book is divided into three sections: a summary of the various Tabs, the buttons and the functions they perform; an alphabetical list with detailed instructions of various processes involved in designing a piece of lace and finally a series of exercises which help master the basic functions of the programme. There are plenty of screen-shots to reassure you that what’s happening on your screen is correct.